• Problem with Funhouse Flipper

    From Ron Kral@ronkral@gmail.com to rec.games.pinball on Wednesday, August 26, 2020 13:15:28
    From Newsgroup: rec.games.pinball

    I have a Funhouse which was working OK flipperwise.
    I rebuilt the flippers (NOT new coils) because the left one was
    sticking in the UP position occasionally (this may be relevant).

    After rebuild, the right one works great, but the left one has become weak.
    The TOP left one operates just fine. Now comes the interesting part...
    If I jumper the middle pole of the left flipper coil to the middle
    pole of the right flipper coil and operate the right button, the
    LEFT flipper is perfectly strong... I've filed/cleaned the left flipper button switch contacts with no improvement. The left was fine (strong)
    until AFTER the cleaning/rebuild.

    So, the coil itself is fine. Is this a diode issue? I didn't touch the
    left flipper button or switch between starting and finishing the rebuild - I only cleaned the contacts after the problem appeared...The EOS switch
    is closed as it's supposed to be.

    The power at all four flipper coil posts reads 75V


    Ron Kral
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