• Re: Special Force No Sound problem

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    On Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at 11:35:38 PM UTC+8, Whaler wrote:
    I am sure I have the 68000 sound board that goes with the 6803 system
    but my issue is no sound.
    I just wondered if someone can point me in a direction here...... On
    start up the sound board seems to go thru the test process
    properly....as stated by the manual. The led on the sound board gives
    me 6 flashes (which is what the manual says it should do) followed by
    3 quick flashes, manual doesnt mention 3 flashes but I am pretty sure
    it is the system telling you alls good with the board and such.....the
    pots dont seem to be the issue but I could be wrong.....

    can someone here, move me in a direction that will let me hear the
    crickets chirp on my Special Force?


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