• Williams Earthshaker paint codes/paint brand f. playfield and cabinetrestoration? Clear coat application?

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    This restoration is nearly done. It's coming along really nicely.
    (1) If you have matching paint codes for a WIlliams Earthshaker for playfield touch-ups and cabinet paint repairs, you'd be doing me a huge favor if you can tell me what they might be, and perhaps where you sourced them.
    (2) Can you clear coat or varathane a shooter lane? I have an airbrush, but I've never tried to spray with it before. Clearcoats seem so thick it would clog an airbrush. The playfield already has mylar overlays on most of it, I need to paint and clearcoat the touched-up worn-down paint spots before I lay down mylar on the tiny playfield repairs.
    (3) Last thing. Looking to purchase a Generic assortment of shapes and sizes for peel and stick Mylar? Where can I buy a nice assortment of shapes? THANKS!
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  • From Greg M.@musicman_97_1997@yahoo.com to rec.games.pinball on Monday, August 03, 2020 18:29:25
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    Just so you know-
    Testors "Acryl" paints (acrylic) brand paint in primary colors work pretty well.

    The yellow is spot on. You thin it with water for an airbrush or paintbrush. Blue can be mixed for the 3 shades on the pin. You just need to have a good eye.
    Green needed a touch of white. It's tough to get it just right. It's darker when you mix it, and goes lighter when dry and you sand it for final prep. Very frustrating to apply.
    Red is fine straight out of the bottle without mixing.
    Orange has two shades on the cabinet, and you'll need the darker one.
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