• EM Tech: Sonic Mars Trek

    From Mark Coward@nuttyshtuff@gmail.com to rec.games.pinball on Sunday, July 19, 2020 11:17:16
    From Newsgroup: rec.games.pinball

    This thing is driving me crazy. The previous owner would open the coin door and shoot wd40 in there every time it didn't start up, until it stopped completely!

    I've gone through all the switches and mechs, but there are still a few things that ain't right and it won't start a game.

    Power up and the game over relay trips and everything comes on.
    Nothing happens at all when you press the credit button. Yes, it has credits.

    If I manually trip the reset relay it resets...and once I reset the sticky (soon to be completely cleaned) bonus unit, it will start a ball and score normally. But when it drains, the only thing that happens is the outhole relay trips. Then nada.

    Also, if anyone has a pic of the score motor stacks, I'm trying to make sure that all those are connected properly. Some of the wires had dissolved from the repeated wd40 use.



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