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    wanted to see if RGP was still a thing and if this post was still out there. Yes to both questions! I miss the 'old' internet.. the new 'net isn't just for porn anymore!

    On Saturday, June 28, 2003 at 1:26:56 AM UTC-4, Michael wrote:
    Please Help Kind Sir!

    My Name is Mr. Michael Fitch, and I am the youngest son of a Mr. Ronald
    Fitch of the Fitch Family, County Baltimore, State of Maryland. My father
    was the coordinator of alcoholic beverage refrigeration until his untimely retirement on March 16, 2001. If you have been following my family's profile in the local papers, you will by no doubt realize that we have never had an assasination attempt on our lives, but have been struggling with a rather boisterous Royal Guard that has treated us with the utmost hostility and malcontent.

    So many people have disappointed us, especially my father's political & troubleshooting associates, that is why we had to throw caution to the wind and trust you a stranger who we had never met all our lives.

    For security purposes, I shall be coordinating the troubleshooting transaction as my mother is currently in distress and we cannot afford to lose this only outstanding treasure, of all that my father left for us, this 1968 Gottlieb Royal Guard. At the moment, the system is in a security company, where I deposited it ascontaining photographic materials, some
    Novus #2 and a flexstone in some luggage.

    For the purpose of security and confidentiality, I would require that you
    and I proceed with this troubleshooting with telephone and fax
    communication, or posts via RGP or e-mail direct, as I would not want to discuss this transaction on The Internet for security reasons. There is no reason to alert the Royal Guard of our activities againt it!

    Due to a conflict with an unclaimed contract, we have uncovered a high score on a Black Rose, all totaling to Thirty Three Million, Four Hundred points(33.40M). Dear Friend, as much as we recognize that a lot of wonders happen these days, you do not have to doubt the authenticity of my mothers mail to you, because we are really oppressed, and we need the assistance of
    a God fearing EM troubleshooting person and a good natured man to help us clear our problem from the Royal Guard, and bank it up for us while we make arrangements to travel and join you up as soon as the Special is Lit and the Game is Over. For your assistance, we will be ready to allow you have 20% of the high-score, while 5% will be set aside to off set all minor and major expenses that might be incurred by both parties at the end of the transaction. The remaining 75% will be left for my family to continue our lives and play another game.

    As soon as you are sure that you can trust us, we shall go ahead to send the link to our orignal post seeking prompt assistance at

    http://groups.google.com/groups?q=royal+guard+group:rec.games.pinball&hl=en& lr=&ie=UTF-8&group=rec.games.pinball&selm=snOKa.9009%242D1.1786354%40news4.s rv.hcvlny.cv.net&rnum=2

    If you also care to reference the topic of Royal Guard Startup Sequence posted on the date of 26 June, 2003, you may determine the original
    condition along with a Certificate of deposit and the luggage numbers and security code numbers. (or not!)

    I await your prompt response.

    Michael Fitch

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