• Hack of the week #2

    From Dlej@Dlej@comcast.net to rec.games.pinball on Saturday, June 13, 2020 11:23:47
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    I went through the play field mechanics last week on the Flight 2000 I am working on.. I got to the upper sling bumper and discovered that they were completely frozen and inoperable. Looking at it closer I noticed that a wire had been clipped off the coil lug.
    I thought that the coil sleeves had overheated and melted. Boy was I wrong. I pulled a coil and discovered that it was filled with glue. WTF!!!???
    Obviously the plunger was glued to keep the bumper from flopping around. What else was done here to make up for the dead bumpers? That’s right - some nice rusty nails through the play field:
    Have a great weekend all!
    Dan L
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