• Gottlieb Mademoiselle (1959) - No player 2

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    Help please. Was looking at a friend's Gottlieb Mademoiselle (1959) today. All the main stuff works - starts game, scores properly, switches ball #, ends game.
    BUT, it won't add player 2. If you press the start button (red button on coin door) it starts a 1 player game, but pressing it a second time does not add player 2. I can add player 2 by manually tripping the player 2 relay, and then a 2 player game plays perfectly all the way through.
    What would cause the game to not properly add player 2? Shouldn't a second press of the start button do it? What is the process for it to know that the second press is actually to add player 2 and not start a new game? My thought is that it is related to one if the 2 relays on the backbox that keep track of the 2 players in the game, but it looks as if all switches are opening or closing as expected.
    It is set to free play, as the credit wheel does not move, but the coils fire. I think it is just gummed up, but that created a free play situation for them years ago.
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    It would be helpful if you possessed a schematic for the game. I am currently using the schematic for my 1958 Gottlieb Brite Star game. To get a two player game the PB relay (2nd player relay) needs to be energized. This needs to happen after the first player is loaded and before the first ball is launched. Pushing the replay button a second time should energize the K relay (coin chute relay) through a NC PB relay switch, which will close a NO K relay switch, through a NO motor 2C switch, which in turn will energize the PB relay, and hence add the second player.
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