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    I hope you don't mind me posting this here. It is related to the world of Pinball!

    My name's Ethan, I'm a Researcher from Curve Media. We're a television production company based in London. We're currently in the process of making a brand new, prime-time TV series for Channel 4 with the working title The Greatest Auction.

    We are creating a bespoke auction space in which people will be invited to bring their extraordinary objects to sell to buyers specially selected for their enthusiasm and passion for these items. From art to artefacts, medieval to modern -- with the weird and wonderful in between -- the idea is that The Greatest Auction will feature an infinite variety of truly amazing objects as they come under the hammer. We want to showcase both the human stories and histories behind these possessions as well as revealing the drama and spectacle of the auction room as the keenest dealers, collectors, fans compete to buy these coveted items.

    We've found all our items now and are starting to look for potential buyers! Although it's a TV series, it absolutely is a real auction and will require people to bid with their own money. The auction will be happening in London at the end of October and people bidding will need to be able to attend in person or send a representative in their place if they're abroad.

    One of the items we've uncovered and will be auctioning is a pinball machine that used to be owned by Elton John, and kept in his home.

    If you would be interested in an item like this and wish to see an auction catalogue (which will include pictures and guide prices) then please do send me a direct message or email ethanjoseph@curvemedia.com

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