• Funhouse for sale (Fremont,ca)

    From markharris2000@markharris2000@gmail.com to rec.games.pinball on Monday, May 11, 2020 13:30:14
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    Located in Fremont,CA this Williams 1990 Funhouse is in perfect working order. Refurbished by DCT Amusements about 250 games ago. Everything working, Rudy head works fine, no cracks. Ramps clean and intact. Playfield das a single half of a dime-sized wear mark near scoop, (repaired and mylar applied). Lots of new rubber rings, all plastics intact, post rubber new, display is perfect. Cliffy hole protectors installed. Funhouse stainless steel lighted shade mod installed over trapdoor. Comes with both Version L9 rom *and* latest Version L9.05H rom (both included). 2 slot coin door with 25c mechs. Cabinet in really good shape, a bit of color fade but very nice. Will include a new FRONT-only cabinet decal and a new carnival side graphics (by Tilt) to be installed as you like. Everything works, everything clean. $5000/obo pick-up only
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