• WTB: DE Chrome speaker grill - Laser War & ?

    From John Robertson@spam@flippers.com to rec.games.pinball on Saturday, May 02, 2020 16:35:10
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    I have a customers Laser War that tipped off their pickup truck and
    kinda smashed the headboard and ruined the grill.

    (I do warn people not to transport games with the legs on...)

    Anyone have a Laser War wooden head (don't need wiring or electronics)
    and/or the chrome grill? The grill is the most important part as we can
    repair the head - just needs glue and a bunch of clamping.

    I did see the rough looking grill on eBay, it is a last resort though.

    I am pretty sure all the chrome grills are the same for the Data East
    pinball games.

    I'm not posting photos as I promised the customer I wouldn't...


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