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    Williams 1959 Pitch and Bat w/RMU
    Pinch Hitter
    This machine is built like a pin, and to top it off it does have a RMU, but it's a bit
    unique and indicative of the year it was built.... It has three ramps on the playfield for balls hit to the upper bleachers, and one ramp that opens and the ball is pitched.
    I need those ramps..etc.
    I also need someone that has a copy of all the info on the lock down bar. I have seen some of these games have all the information painted by hand on the lock down bar (or 2X2). The pieces around the infield are a the back..which I would like to find and the crowd artwork that is on cardboard and around the running man unit in the head.
    So with this I need ramps, artwork and lock down bar.etc.
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