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    On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 9:55:11 AM UTC-4, Duncan Brown wrote:
    I was being cagey about this before, until the official Expo seminar schedule came out, but now it's official and you won't want to miss it:

    "From The Lost Playfield Drawings Of Harry Williams: A Pinball Machine
    40 Years In The Making"

    I have in my hands a playfield design that Harry Williams drew in 1972,
    but which was never made. In fact I have a big pile of such designs,
    and the long and entertaining story behind that fact should make for an interesting seminar. But even better is the fact that I am BUILDING
    this design into a playable whitewood, which will be at the seminar, and then in the freeplay area afterwards for all to play.

    Built by hand, and "programmed" with steppers and relays, this is as
    close as I can make it to what would have come out of the whitewood lab
    back in the 1970s if these designs hadn't been shelved.

    Even if your interest is only with multi-level, multi-ball, speech-ified games with licensed themes, immersing yourself in some long-lost
    examples of the genius of Harry Williams for an hour could be an
    eye-opening experience.


    This is a long shot. I've been asked to help with a Visual Pinball (digital) recreation of Tramway so people can enjoy it. There's an image in your Harry Williams lost playfield designs post from a while back, which is a fascinating read. Do you have the Tramway PF image without the backglass covering up the lower part of the playfield. For this project I'll redraw the playfield and plastics in Illustrator, and improve the resolution of the backglass image I found. Thanks for considering it. You can email me directly at voxpinball@gmail.com. Pete
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