• Anyone deal with Pinball Universe in Colorado

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    2020 and I just bought a The Sopranos from Pinball Universe. With it being COVID season, and stuck inside we were especially wanting something fun to do and this fit the bill. Denis could not get a shipper to bring it out and he delivered it HIMSELF! I have literally bumped elbows with Denis!
    Denis is a hard working, customer focused man in a volume business. He needs to hire a web developer and a social media person. He needs to offer a white glove premium service for the wealthy and lazy. Marketing aside, he delivered what he said, when he said, and he personally set up the machine alone, masked and socially distanced.
    If you understand that pinballs take a beating and will need work to run, you are going to be very happy with Pinball Universe. If you play digital pinball or play in an arcade where someone else does the maintenance, this isn’t like that. Things bend and need to be bent back. Things need adjustment. I have spent a few hours getting The Soranos to run the way I want and at this point, it is the best looking, best running The Sopranos I have ever laid eyes on.
    I asked for a clean, essentially original The Sopranos, and that’s what I got. Pricing was low end of retail for a home use only machine. Denis’ folks replaced some bulbs and all the rubber as well as touching up the paint by the flipper buttons. That’s all. I wanted a different translight and Denis showed me where to get one. As I got the machine, it needed a little adjustment. A couple of switches needed bending, The safe needed lube. Nothing I could not handle. This machine is in better condition than anything I have played in the field. Denis gave me exactly what we discussed. It was as good as any I have seen in an arcade when delivered. Now it is better.
    It had original factory ROMs, and I burned new ones. The translight had a stripper on it and that just wasn’t my thing, new one on the way. Denis showed me how to replace it. What was delivered was exactly what I saw in pictures.
    What they are: Honest, customer focused, hard working, reasonable prices, regular guys
    What they are not: museum quality restoration, webmasters
    Would I buy from him again? Yes. I am very satisfied. I tried posting on Pinside, but apparently you have to pay them to post. :/
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    gary.kuyat@gmail.com wrote:
    I tried posting on Pinside, but apparently you have to pay them to post. :/

    You can email someone to get verified or I think there's a waiting
    period to post, but you do not have to "donate" to use the system.

    Believe me, I resisted pinside for *YEARS*, because I don't like
    moderation (it turns into a clique, and it has, there, where people get
    to slide and others get moderated for the littlest thing) - but it's
    more active than RGP was even back when usenet was the place for

    I notice lately even our Stalwart John Robertson has been seen over there.
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