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    On Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 4:20:04 PM UTC-4, kickback wrote:
    So, I contacted a seller of a Taxi on ebay about something that
    appears to have been added to their left ramp that apparently helps to cushion the impact of balls being kicked out of the Dracula saucer.
    The ramp takes some hits and eventually breaks there.

    Since I like harassing people on an inconsistent basis, as the
    situation might warrant, are there are other sarcastic people here who
    could help me craft a response, without being too vulgar? I realize
    that he might be having a bad day, but maybe a dose of levity could

    Here is the email discussion.

    Q1. Where did you buy the red rubber insulation on the left ramp for
    where the ball kicks out of Dracula? Does it affect game play or slow
    the ball down too much? Thanks

    R1. we use a very soft and flexible rubber we buy in large squares.
    we have used this on many route games to protect our ramps and it does
    not slow down or affect game play at all. we have glued the rubber to
    the ramp. you could replace with new ramp if you choose, but you will
    see it is not necessary.

    Q2. Is there any chance you might be willing to send us a piece for
    our Taxi in an envelope?

    R2. no, that is not why contact seller is on ebay, it is for
    questions about buying my item for sale.

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