• Weird problem with WMS BK2000 diagnostic buttons

    From Ron Kral@ronkral@gmail.com to rec.games.pinball on Thursday, March 04, 2021 15:31:59
    From Newsgroup: rec.games.pinball

    I have a new to me WMS BK2000.
    Fired it up and it boots. But when I try to use
    the diagnostic buttons, to set adjustments,
    it goes into a loop yes-no/yes-no/yes-no rinse and repeat.

    SO, I thought the advance button was stuck down.
    Nope. Very clean. BUT, there's a diode soldered
    across two of the pins?? Never seen this before on
    any machine. Actually appears to be factory installed.
    Regardless, I unsoldered one end of the diode.
    No change in behavior. So, some questions:

    1) Is this factory/normal?
    2) If so, what's it for?
    3) Has anyone seen a setup like this before?
    4) Since it's apparently NOT the problem, any
    suggestions/advice/ideas on why it goes into a loop?

    BTW, If I get through the whole sequence of adjustments,
    the game appears to go into attract mode. But the coin drops
    aren't working so I can't put credits onto it.

    Thanks for any insight.
    Ron Kral
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