• Batman66 Villian LCD screen issue

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    Wonder if anyone has experienced this ... The Villian LCD 2.8" display on Batman66 LE was working intermittently over a years time.
    The unit is known as a Node24. Rebooting would usually bring it to life (be found during startup diags) and it would be fine for the play session.
    Then it went out 100%.
    A new unit was purchased and installed. It gets recognized during bootup but shows a pure white screen. It flickers occasionally which we are thinking that indicates a transition to next scene/picture. But it stays pure white (not a faded picture).
    Further, we reinstalled the new software image (5GIG???), hoping it would initialize the unit or update TV data. But no change.
    All connections checked/reseated including the tiny thin ribbon on the unit between screen and node board.
    Tested by plugging in old board but that still says not found during bootup. New board at least is recognized now but no picture.

    Sharing any ideas/experiences would be appreciated.
    - Paul
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