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    From Marisag@VERT/AMIGAC to All on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 00:49:11
    Hello! Monthly reminder for February that I *still* have some free Ubuntu Synchronet servers I can donate again. \U0001f601 What's included? Linux 64-bit server with 2gb of RAM and 50gb of SSD. More than enough for a BBS. Servers are in one of a selection of datacenters (your choice). We also preload over 100 door games and BBSLink & DoorParty games if desired.

    Interested in working with you and hope to talk with you further! Be sure to check out our Synchronet doors at https://synchronetbbs.org/index.php/downloads/category/3-doors as well...

    If you are interested, go to https://SynchronetBBS.org/HostSplash and check out with the "offline" payment method so you don't have to pay. Be sure and put "free server" in the comments field so I know what you are wanting...

    Here's to Synchronet fans! I'm going to try and post this only once per month, for as long as I have them \U0001f61d This is likely to be the last free servers I have in the foreseeable future, so if you think you might want one please reply soon!

    --- https://SynchronetBBS.org/HostSplash - SBBS hosting for $14/month
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  • From Digital Man@VERT to Marisag on Thursday, February 25, 2021 23:23:44
    Re: Free Synchronet hosting...
    By: Marisag to Digital Man on Thu Feb 25 2021 08:18 pm

    Re: Free Synchronet hosting...
    By: Digital Man to Marisag on Thu Feb 25 2021 11:40:01

    Interesting. What program did you cut *from*? I'm pretty sure SyncTERM didn't do that \U encoding of the Emoji.

    "gedit" on ubuntu... With a .txt file...

    Ah, most be something special either gedit or the OS clipboard manager is doing. <shrug>
    digital man

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